These steps can be used to revive someone three days dead

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First Aid provides the first line of defense in the case of an injury or predicament. But did you know that there are only four steps to first aid that one has to perform for any situation? Here are the 4 steps to first aid that you can use to prevent a man from going to Peter’s gates.

Always make sure the scene is safe. There could be something in the way that could potentially hurt you, and that. To properly follow this procedure, you must spend at least 20 minutes making sure that the scene is safe. You and…

Thoughts from someone who has lived life as a background character

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I have always been kind of a background character. When I was around 5 years old, my mom took my sister and me to the park. They had just finished a new slide, but we did not realize that the day we went was the first day it was open for use. A photographer for the local paper was there to take a picture for the opening of the slide. My sister went down first, and her picture made it into the paper as the first kid to go down the new slide. My feet were in the background.


How a person defines fun determines how much fun they have

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I participated in a lot of campouts in Boy Scouts. Campouts ranged from a sunny weekender to sleeping outside in freezing temperatures to backpacking for two weeks. There were a bunch of enjoyable moments, but there were also plenty of challenging moments as well. It wasn’t always “fun”. But one of my friends separated fun into two distinct types. Using this methodology, we were able to enjoy our time regardless of the circumstance.

Type 1 fun is the fun a person has in the present. Roaring campfires; scenic, rejuvenating hikes; and warm, beautiful campouts all deliver type 1 fun. Those…

Teachers have their Idioms and phrases that they use to teach memorable lessons

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This spring I will graduate from college with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. Safe to say, over the past 3 and a half years, I have learned a lot. Here are some of the memorable phrases my professors have shared with me over that time.

Students are often afraid to ask their professors for things because they think the professor will say no. However, if the professor is never asked, the answer will surely be no. Instead of assuming, ask the professor and see what he or she thinks. There have been plenty of times where I didn’t think…

How are you going to #grind on Christmas?

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Hustling never stops, amirite boys? Every day needs to be maxed out with productivity. Every minute planned and executed. What should one do to be ultra, super, 110% productive on Christmas? Here’s a complete guide on how to be productive on Christmas.


Take some time to relax on Christmas. Spend some time with loved ones. Watch a movie, eat some good food, and enjoy your day. Call up anyone you are not able to see. Hard work is important, but there are times when it is more beneficial to slow down and enjoy the moment. The holidays are that…

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With quarantine and a restricted university, I spent more time watching YouTube this year than I care to admit. Here are some channels that stood out to me as producing creative and innovative content for the year of 2020.

Charlie Berens makes comedy videos about living in the midwest. This year was the start of the quarantine kitchen series where he would cook traditional midwestern drinks and foods. episodes often consist of calling relatives, altering the recipes to include more brandy, and having a fun time no matter the result. …

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Engineering degrees are known for being some of the hardest undergraduate degrees a person can earn. After three and a half years of being an electrical and computer engineering student, I am inclined to agree. I came into college without much in the way of school discipline, and I had to learn to be a better student. Here are some of the tips and tricks that I found helped me the best. This article is applicable to other degrees but focused on engineering.

Have some sort of to-do list system or task management system. To-do lists have been getting somewhat…

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This summer represented my last summer before graduation. Starting May of 2021, I am going to have to be an actual adult. Scary. At some point, it seemed like a good idea to figure out what I wanted my future to look like. So, I took a break from writing medium articles to instead write in the Future Authoring program. This review gives an overview of the program, my experience completing it, and my thoughts on it as a whole.

The Self-Authoring Suite is a series of online writing programs that collectively help you explore your past, present and future…

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This article was written on my 21st birthday, the purpose of which was to act as a record of my thoughts at this point in my life. I am anxious about the future and fearful of what it has in store. And yet, I am hopeful. Hopeful for a better future. There will be conflict and struggles no doubt, but also improvements for life and love.

I grew up with the impression that 21-year-olds lusted for life. They were young adults with so much opportunity and potential. A 21-year-old would spend the weekends drinking with friends, staying up late, and…

Flow Chart for the “do you have a boyfriend?” method

Hello there! Asking a girl out can be nervewracking and cause a guy to act silly, feel out of touch, and completely miss social cues. Do not worry, I am in that same boat. If you find yourself struggling with being a dork around the ladies, then this list of questions/phrases can help you ask a girl out while embracing your inner dork.

I have only used this phrase once, but it worked. therefore, it has worked for me 100% of the time. This approach is very straightforward and I recommend using it when it appears that she might be…

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